Pictures From End Of The Summer Pool Games

Today we held some fantastic Pool Games for the kids in our community. We had 16 kids split into 2 teams participating in relay races, a pool-basketball competition and other games with team “Hot Pink Sparkles” being crowned the winner.   We thought it would be great to share some pictures from the day with you!  Special thanks for our lifeguard Jackie Richardson for organizing this fun time and to Tracy Richardson for generously providing the after-games ice cream.

(Click on image for larger view)

Crosswalks on Quakers Way

We now have crosswalks on Quakers Way!  They are located at the intersections of Johnson Lane & Quakers Way, Laurel Court & Quakers Way, and Mimosa Court & Quakers Way.

We all know the speeding and other traffic problems we see in our community every day. It can be a real hazard, especially to our children. Although Quakers Way cuts right through our community, it is a township road. So we went to the township with our concerns and a proposal. Tim Arnold, Richland Township Supervisor, understood our fears and the benefit our proposal offered to our residents. Tom Roeder, Richland Township Roadmaster, then worked with Levy School Bus Company to determine the number and location of our crosswalks.

We appreciate the consideration and the crosswalks, and hope they are a big step in making Quakers Way safer for all.

On behalf of the Quakers Green Community, I’d like to thank Tim Arnold and Tom Roeder for the responsive service to our community. You recognized our need and stepped forward to help.  And of course, to those who make it all happen – the Richland Township Road Crew. Thanks for the great job folks, without you it’s just paperwork.

Village Center Parking Lot Off-Limits

We’ve received a letter from DePaul Management Company regarding the Village Center parking lot. Village Center is the strip mall at the intersection of Quakers Way and Rte 309. The letter contains allegations that members of our community, particularly from Mimosa Court, are parking their vehicles in the shopping center’s parking lot, as well as setting up concrete seating and a basketball net – we have not independently verified these claims.

If you park there, heads up!

On August 28th, DePaul plans on resurfacing and re-lining the parking lot. The letter we’ve received threatens that any vehicles found in the parking lot will be towed at the owner’s expense and any personal items found will be discarded. DePaul has contracted with a towing company (not located in Quakertown) to tow vehicles as needed and to store the towed vehicles (at a per-day charge to be sure) until pick-up by the owner.

Village Center is located outside of the Quakers Green Community, and therefore, we have no control over the management of the parking lot. As such, it is up to DePaul to set the policies and procedures governing use of the property. Please note that we have no arrangements with DePaul that would allow residents or guests of Quakers Green to park their vehicles in the Village Center lot.

Be Warned! Park in the Village Center lot at your own risk! If your car is towed and/or you have any complaints – the matter must be taken up with DePaul Management Company – we will not be able to intervene.

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