1st Annual Christmas Giving Tree

The Christmas season will soon be upon us. Most of us would agree that there are few more precious moments in life than seeing the twinkle in a child’s eye as they open a present from under the Christmas tree. However, with the current economy the way it is, we realize that some of our neighbors may have a difficult time providing gifts for their children this year. Therefore, we want to make you aware of the Quakers Green First Annual Community Giving Tree.

The tree will provide an opportunity for families with children high school age and younger and who otherwise may not be able to provide gifts for their children to be able to do so. Beginning the week after Thanksgiving, there will be a tree in the community center with paper ornaments, each of which will contain information for an individual child (age, sex, and gift idea). Members of the community who are able are encouraged to take one ornament and purchase a gift and return it to the community center by December 16th.

If you have a child, are in need, and would like to participate in the community giving tree, you may do so by downloading the request form online by clicking here or by picking up a request form at the community center during normal office hours (Monday and Tuesday from 7 pm to 9 pm). Each family may make one request per child. Requests must be returned to the community center
by Monday December 5th.

The personal information listed on the request form is being required solely for the purpose of identifying individuals who are eligible to participate in the program. As such, this information will be kept confidential by the board and will not be shared with those purchasing the gifts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail the association at info@quakersgreencommunity.com or by calling the office telephone number at 215-536-8150.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick post to wish our community a safe, healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Try not to eat to much!

And for those going out on Black Friday – good luck!

Welcome Rich!

We are happy to announce that we have a new member on the Board of Directors.

Instead of the normal 9-member Board, we have been running with only 8 members while we searched for a replacement. We had 2 candidates express interest in volunteering for the position, and our Nominating Committee has been interviewing them in preparation for appointment. Since this position is a replacement position, our governing documents provide that the position be filled by appointment of the Board of Directors.

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