Paving Schedule 2013

This fall, we will be continuing with the revitalization project for our private roads and courts!

Two years ago, with a very limited budget, we patched the majority of potholes, including the worst in each court. Last year, we focused on “the horseshoe” – Green Lane & the access portion of Johnson Lane. We replaced several hundred feet of broken, sunken curbs and sidewalks, and completely re-paved the driving surface. To date, we have allocated approximately $100,000 to this project. This year, we will be focusing on a proper repair for our courts.

We’ve had the condition of each of our courts professionally reviewed and have obtained bids on the needed treatments. To properly revitalize all of our courts would cost approximately $195,000. Although we will be able to allocate approximately $90,000 to the project this year, that represents somewhat half of what we need.

Now that we are turning our focus to the courts, we will be completely repairing each court. This includes cleaning all loose gravel, milling, repair of the road base, drainage improvements, proper patching where indicated, repaving and seal coating, on an as-needed basis, and line striping and numbering of spaces. Each court has its own issues and will receive the treatment needed to address those issues.

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