An unexpected Christmas present for all of us

As I’m sure everyone is aware by now – Green Lane & Johnson Lane (driving lane) have been completely resurfaced!  The roads have been milled to give a slight crown to the surface allowing for better drainage, and they have been resurfaced with 2+ inches of quality paving. They should provide us many years of service!

It didn’t look promising when our previous paving contractor backed out at the last minute, leaving us with no new roads and not even a single pothole filled. It took a little scrambling, but we were able to find a contractor who could help us out. A big thanks to L & M Paving!  The job isn’t quite finished yet – they still have to seal some seams and patch potholes as soon as the weather permits.

We’d like to thank everyone for putting up with a lot of work in a very short time. We understand that there were only a very small number of residents who became frustrated and irate with all the construction work. We do recognize that such a major construction project brings with it a certain amount of inconvenience. It’s unfortunate, but there really is no way around it.

As we progress through the renovation of our courts and roads, there will be times that our residents will be inconvenienced. In fact, repaving the courts will prove to be even more inconvenient – we can’t pave around parked cars. However, if we want the improvements we will have to put up with a little pain – in the long run, it will be well worth it. We hope that all of our residents can approach these inconveniences in a mature, understanding manner. It accomplishes nothing to take out frustration on those trying to do a job for us. We want a good job – let’s treat the workers that way!

We hope you enjoy the new driving surfaces – they sure were a long time coming! While this was a significant step, there remains far more work to be done.

The Board is pleased to have been able to resurface these roads before the snow comes.

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