New Look for the Community Center

For those who haven’t visited the Community Center recently – it has a new look!

After nearly 35 years, the Community Center has received its first facelift. Gone is the dated, dark and dreary paneling; gone is the stale cigarette smell! And as a result, we’ve already seen a significant increase in center rentals and are hoping for more.

Thanks to Lee McGuigan’s design sense and the excellent renovation work by Russ & Chuck Shermer and some volunteers you won’t believe you’re in the same old room:

( Click an image for a larger view )

Just so you don’t forget what it used to look like:

( Click an image for a larger view )

The walls under that old paneling were in reasonably good shape, except for the wall behind the pool pump room which saw some water damage over the years. The damaged areas were replaced and a lot of spackling compound was applied. Russ & Chuck built out the front wall where the sliding glass doors once were, for a smooth new surface:

( Click an image for a larger view )

We hope you enjoy the “new” Community Center. Please remember it is available for rental (at very reasonable rates) – we’d love to see it put to good use.

Thanks to Randy Disert for documenting the renovation with pictures.


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