Thanks Chief!

On behalf of the Quakers Green Community Association membership, the Board of Directors and myself, I’d like to extend our sincere appreciation to Richland Township P.D. Chief Richard Ficco for coming out to meet with us this evening, to discuss our Town Watch program.

I’m sure the chief gave everyone something to think about, and we look forward to working with him and his fine department to make our community a safer place.

As a highlight of tonight’s discussion – when asked what steps we can take to make ourselves safer, Chief Ficco came back with these 3 quick tips

  1. Always lock your car doors! 95% – 98% of the theft from vehicle calls his department handles are the result of unlocked doors. It’s clear these criminals are looking for an easy mark. Don’t make yourself a victim!
  2. Be very wary of Facebook, Twitter and the like. Never post something like “Yay, I’m going on vacation” or “heading out to LA tomorrow, woohoo!“, etc. The bad guys, and their software programs, are on these sites too, just looking for posts like these – they’ll be looking for your house next.
  3. One of the latest scams is the “Red Light Camera Scam”. In this scam, you receive a phone call claiming that your car was caught (in some violation) by a red-light camera. Since you haven’t paid the fine yet, you must immediately give the caller your credit card information or risk a warrant being issued for your arrest, etc. Nowhere in this country is a police department that operates in this manner. If in doubt, hang up and call the police department who allegedly called you. NEVER give any caller any personal information!

Thanks Chief!

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