Volunteers Needed

Quakers Green is a community with a lot of potential, that for far too long has not been realized. Community involvement was discouraged and even feared because change was feared.

All of that is in the past … change is happening, people are getting involved! Each of us wants a better, happier home and we all have ideas on how to get there. The Board of Directors is open to implementing a wide variety of ideas and we encourage community involvement. We need your help … interested in pitching-in?

We’ll update this page as volunteer needs arise, please check back often and volunteer where and when you can. Let’s realize the potential our community offers.

Thank you.

John McKernan.

Other Positions

  • Advertising Sales. We are planning on re-starting the Community Newsletter. The board would like to open the lines of communication with the membership, and a newsletter is an excellent method. However, we would like for the newsletter to pay for itself. We have several leads for area businesses interested in advertising in our newsletter, but to be fully self-sustaining, we need more.
  • Community Watch. We are working on establishing our Community Watch (Town Watch) program. Once we’ve worked out the details, we will need interested individuals to take part in the program. If you have an interest in keeping our community safer, please get in touch.

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  1. Hello,
    I think the changes that have been made so far are great! I might be able to drum up some advertisers for the newsletter but they are smaller business. What is the average rate for advertising?
    Also, I am a graphic and web designer. If there ever is a need to create posters, flyers, help with the newsletter or web site let me know.

    Patty Solis


  2. Hi Patty,
    Thanks so much for offering to help – we can always use advertisers and we expect they’d be mostly small, local businesses.

    The ad you saw in the newsletter is approximately business-card sized and costs $25 per issue (planned for every 2 months). In addition, that fee includes an ad on the website which will run until the next issue of the newsletter is out.

    I am working on a more detailed price list, and will be happy to email you a copy as soon as it’s ready.

    Again, thanks for volunteering – we appreciate it. I’ll be in touch.

    John McKernan


  3. Best thing that happened to our community is not having Rea involved anymore!


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